Cuckold Fantasy of a Wife – Part 6

Next morning when I woke up, Rashi was sleeping next to me. I didn’t know when she came. I freshen up myself and went to kitchen for making tea. I made 2 cups of tea, for me and for Rashi. When I came back to room, I saw she was awake and was busy with her phone.

“Good morning ” I said

“Good morning baby” she replied

“How was it and when did you come?” I asked

“Yash is gentleman, I came around 2 o clock”

“You remember it’s our anniversary tomorrow” I said

“Of course I remember” she said and hugged me. “You know what yash has arrange a wonderful gift for our anniversary, we will be going to his resort today night and will spend our whole day there”

“It’s our anniversary Rashi, I don’t want to celebrate it with Deepak or Yash” I said

“They will not be there, only 2 of us. Yash has planned every hour of our anniversary”

I was happy as I will get time to spend with her alone. In evening we got ready, had dinner in one hotel and left for resort. We reach there around 10 pm. I was wearing casual shirt pant and Rashi was wearing orange sari.

We checked at resort and went to our room at second floor. It was around 11 when we had a knock on door. I opened the door and 2 girls in sari costume of hotel greeted me. They came in and I sensed this is something planned by Rashi only as she got excited when both the ladies came.

“Sir, mam has choose cuckold package for your stay. So today night first thing in package will be masterbution” one girl said and close the door.

Rashi stood from bed and came near me. One girls started undressing Rashi and within few minutes she was in her blouse and below her stomach she was nude. They both ask Rashi to sleep on bed and ask me to just watch. One girl came near Rashi head and grab his both hands and press it tightly towards bed and stared kissing her. Another girl started fingering Rashi. After a minute speed of both the girl has increased. One was kissing her so badly on lips that there mouths were completely filled with saliva. Rashi has already left too much water from her pussy but that girl fingering speed was increasing with each passing minute. I think they were fixed time and at the end of 10 min they both stoped and Rashi was left like a slut on bed. Her face was completely filled with saliva and down her legs were all wet with her pussy water. She was not even able to move.

“I will send cleaning staff in 2 minutes . Till that don’t touch her.” One girl said and they both left from there.

After some time two men with towels enter the room and started their work. One person went near bed and lift Rashi in his hands. His one hand was on her bare stomach and another hand on her thighs. He has lifter her till his chest. Rashis pussy was so close to her face that he could smell her wet pussy.

Another man removed wet bedsheets from bed and replace it with fresh one. Then first person put Rashi on floor and started cleaning her face with towel. Another person sat on knees in front of Rashi and lift her leg and put her leg on his shoulder. He took out small towel from her pocket and started cleaning her pussy. They continued this till 15 min and then again first person lift her and put her on bed. She was in same condition, only wearing blouse and below that she was complete nude.

As they both cleaning person gone, then come 2 new people, one guy and one girl.

“Sir, now we will be masterbuting you. You have understood that it will not stop till 10 mins. So please cooperate. ” Girl said and started undressing me. As I got undress , girl started playing with my dick and boy came behind me and was moving his fingers on my ass and back.

Girl started masterbuting me verg fast and in 2 min I came. Before I feel the pleasure , man behind me put one finger in my ass. I shouted loudly as he didn’t give me time.

“Sir u can’t come until 10 min and if u come then the boy behind will you will continue to insert finger in your ass” girl said and was still masterbuting me.

“But give me some time. It’s paining ” I said

“This Anniversary package is design for pain not pleasure” she said and continue her work.

I came 3 times in 10 minute and there were 3 fingers in my ass. My dick was so tired that after 10 minutes it was not even able to erect. As they both went I came on bed. My dick and ass were wet. Rashi was having condition like me but there was smile on her face.I slept near her.

“Is it paining” she asked

“Yes to much. I m not even able to clean it. ” I said

She got up little and looked at my dick. It was about 3 inch and wet. She suddenly went down and took it in her mouth. I shouted again as it was paining. Before I got up she slap me hard on face with still my dick in her mouth. She sucked it till 5 min and then came to near me and slept close to me

“This is just the beginning of package, planned by yash. It will be painful and excited anniversary for both of us.” She said and kiss me.

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Cuckold Fantasy of a wife – Part 5

Monday is always the laziest day of the week. I was on the way to home after office. As I was opening the main door, I heard a male voice from inside. I was sure it was none other than Deepak. I open the door and got inside. Deepak was in the hall and Rashi was getting ready in the bedroom. I waved at Deepak and went to the room, Rashi was in her top and jeans. She was getting ready and I sensed that Rashi would be going out with Deepak. So I didn’t speak and lay on the bed.
” Get ready, we are going to dinner,” Rashi said

” where?” I asked

“Deepak’s best friend is in town and he wants us to meet him. You know what, he is too rich. He is the owner of the resort” Rashi said

“All ready?” Deepak said and entered the room

“How I am looking?” Rashi asked with a blush

“Sexy, as always, ” Deepak said. “You don’t please waste time now and get ready fast,” Deepak said to me and started walking with Rashi from the room.

“Come fast, we are in the car, ” Rashi said to me and left the room

I got ready, locked the room and went to parking. Rashi was sitting on the front seat with Deepak. I opened back door and sat. We have travelled approx 40 km and then I saw a huge resort. We parked the car and entered the resort. The receptionist welcomed us and guided us near the swimming pool. There was one tent made near swimming pool and it was decorated with flowers and light. The tent was luxurious, there were one huge TV set and 2 recliners. The tent was complete in white colour. As we all three sat down and made us comfortable, 2 girls enter the tent with some stuff.

“Sir has sent this clothes for Mam and we need to dress up mam in this” One girl said to Deepak.

“She is all your’s” Deepak laughed and asked Rashi to stand up.

One girl put that dress on a nearby table and started undressing Rashi. Rashi was feeling uncomfortable but she was cooperating. Soon Rashi was undress and she was in her bra panty. One girl checked Rashi throughout and then called one person on phone. In 5 mins one man entered in a tent with shaving kit in his hand.

“Madam you have very small growth on your underarm and sir likes completely shaved so I need to shave your underarm” man said and asked Rashi to sit in the recliner. Rashi saw to Deepak and Deepak said yes with her eyes. The man put cream on Rashi underarm and shaved it smoothly. After shaving, he put powder on her underarm and ask her to stand up.

“Mam I need to check your pussy also,” the man said

“Its clean, I have shaved it in morning only,” Rashi said in anger.

“Mam, if you don’t want me to see your pussy then I will check it with my hand and if I felt it’s required then you don’t have a choice,” he said and grasped her ass in one hand. He kept his another hand on her stomach and started moving it slowly to downwards. In no time he put his complete hand in Rashi’s panty and Rashi was feeling like a slut. After ensuring he removed his hand from her panty and started leaving the tent. As he was on the verge of the tent he put his fingers in his mouth, smiled and left. Again that 2 girls started their work on grooming Rashi and in half an hour they made them Rashi as a Barbie doll. As both the girls finished there work and leave again we three settled down.

A tall, handsome man entered the tent directly from swimming pool. He was completely wet and was in his underwear. As he saw Deepak he waved him and went towards Rashi. Deepak signalled Rashi and gave towel in her hand. Rashi sensed what he wants and took a towel and went near that guy. He was standing still and Rashi started cleaning his wet body. After cleaning Rashi removed his wet underwear and started cleaning his dick. His dick was approx 7 inch, white and fat. Rashi sat on her knees in front of him and started cleaning his balls and ass. Once rash was done, he took the towel from her hand and wrap around his waist. He saw Rashi from top to bottom and put his hand on Rashi breast. He presses her boobs and then presses her nipple hard.

“Does it hurt?” he asked and Rashi said No. He pressed her nipple more merciless. The pain was seen in her eyes but she said No. He slapped her hard on the face and hugged her and then said ” I liked her”

He sat in the recliner and asked me to leave. I was shocked as I was not knowing she will be alone. I looked at Deepak and he came towards me.

“You go home, Yash liked her. I will bring her in morning” Deepak said and took Yash wet underwear and gave to me and asked me to give to the servant. I looked at Rashi, she smiled and throw her top and jeans on me, which she was wearing. As I went out of the tent that guy who shaved Rashi was sitting on the gate. As he saw me, he smiled and put his fingers again in his mouth to tease me.

Cuckold fantasy of Wife – Part 4

Cuckold fantasy of wife – Part 4

The story is in continuation with first three parts of the series.

One fine day, Deepak messaged me
” Take a half day from office today and come back to home, will give you a surprise. And do not ring bell, open door with your keys”

I was excited because I got a hint that today he will tell Rashi about my cuckold fantasy.
I took half day leave and left office.

It was 2:00 pm, the gate was locked. I opened the door with my keys and got inside with minimum sound. There was no one in the hall but there was some sound from the bedroom.

Slowly I moved towards the room, the door was partially open. I didn’t try to hide and opened the door in a single stroke

Deepak was standing nude near the bed and Rashi was on her knees sucking Deepak’s cock. She was only in her panty. I was shocked and excited both.

Rashi looked at me and got shocked. She tried to get up but Deepak pushed her down again and put his dick in her mouth forcefully. His dick was in her mouth and she was seeing me with the corner of her eye. Deepak looked at me and told, ‘ Go out’. Without any word, I went out from the room and came in the hall.

After 5 min, I saw Rashi coming out of the room and Deepak followed her. Rashi was wearing top and trouser and Deepak was only in her underwear. Without seeing me they both went to the kitchen. I was not able to see them properly but was able to hear their conversation.

Rashi – why didn’t u told me that he knows about us.

Deepak – He was afraid that u will feel guilty and will get angry

Rashi – But now he will be thinking I cheat him and will get hurt

Deepak – He is a cuckold, he will not get hurt. He likes it. Wait I will call him. And he shouted my name from the kitchen and called me.I came to the kitchen, Rashi was making tea and was not making eye contact with me.

“Don’t you have manners to knock your wife bedroom before entering?” Deepak told and stared at me.

I said ” sorry” and put my head down

” Did u saw anything? ” he asked

“Yes” I replied

“What was I doing?” he asked

“You were standing nude”

” what was your wife doing?” he asked

” she was on her knees, sucking your dick”

“Did u got hurt?” he asked

” No, I liked it”

” Would you mind if I touch your wife now?” he said and put her hands on her boobs. Rashi tried to put her hand down but he grabs his boobs and pushed her against the wall and put one hand on her mouth.

“Would u mind, if I put my hand in her panty?” he said and put his hand in her trousers and then panty. Rashi was looking at me and started moaning. He put 2 fingers in her pussy with pants on and in some seconds her trouser got wet. He took out his fingers and it was completely wet.

” Would you mind, if I do this?” he said and come to me and put both his fingers in my mouth. He looked at Rashi and laughed and then followed to the bedroom. I and Rashi both were standing and were staring at each other. Rashi came towards me and kiss on my lips and said ‘Thanks’

“By the way, why are you early today?” Rashi said and started moving towards the bedroom.

“I thought to give you surprise and go for a movie,” I said and followed her.

“Awwww, no problem. I will take bath and will go for a movie” she said and we both entered the room. Deepak was on the bed and still was only wearing his underwear and was busy on his phone. Rashi took a towel and went to the bathroom and I sat on the end of the bed.

After some time Rashi came back from the bathroom. Her hairs were wet and open and she was covered with her towel. I and Deepak both were staring at her and were appreciating her beauty with our eyes. Deepak started his phone camera and started to take her pic.

” what are you doing?” Rashi asked

” I am sending your hot pics to my friends, remove that bloody towel”

“No, I told you not to take nude pictures,” she said and came near him

“Let them also have fun,” he said and pull her towel. The moment her towel got down she put her hands and boobs and pussy and looked at me. Her ass was towards Deepak and Deepak started taking pics of her ass.

“Can you wait outside? I need to change” Rashi said to me and I was shocked by her behaviour but at the same time, I was excited also. Without speaking a word I left the room. I came to the hall and saw the clock, 2:30 pm, Movie was at 3 pm. I was having dought that she will not come. But within 10 mins she called my name and I came to the bedroom again. She was wearing a hot sleeveless top and jeans.

“Are u ready?” she asked me

“Yes, of course” I replied

“Ok darling, we will come until evening,” she said to Deepak and kissed his forehead.

“How many times, I have to tell you that don’t wear tight underwears in the home,” Rashi said to Deepak and opened the wardrobe and took out short boxer from it. Deepak didn’t tell anything and stood up in front of her. Rashi removed her underwear and put some talc powder on his dick and nearby area. When she got down and tried to make him wear shorts, he grabs her hair pushed her down again.

“Not now, I am getting late,” she said and tried to push his hand through her hair. He still was holding her hair and lift her up and kissed her. She kissed him back and waved her bye.

“Which movie, we are going for,” she asked

” Hate story” I replied

” wow that’s good” she said and clean her hands filled with powder with my shirt.

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Cuckold/Hotwife Fantasy Part 3

Cuckold Fantasy Part 3

The story is in continuation with first 2 parts.

Slowly slowly i became used to towards rashi relationship with deepak. And important thing was she also keeps same relationship with me which we were having 3 years back before marriage.
12 Dec – It was my birthday. I have taken a leave from office. It was a cold day and i was enjoying cold breeze in garden until i saw deepak jogging there. He ignored me but i waved to him and he came and sat on table next to me.
“Are you cuck” he asked and i was shocked.
“Dont be shocked. I know that you know, i fuck ur wife. I have saw you one night but i didnt reacted because you didnt reacted” He said
” Yes i know about you and rashi and yes i did not reacted because i have started liking it”
” Its not wrong in that, if you want to explore more, we can” he said
” How? I dont want her to know that i know”
” Dont worry, i will take care of that. You just do as i say. And by the way you not getting late today for office” he said
” No, i have taken leave today. Its my birthday.”
” Ohh wow, Happy birthday. So its good day that me and your wife give you your birthday gift” he said
” Means” i questioned
“Shh , dont ask much question just do as i say”
He told me that he will come to my house to celebrate his birthday. Party will be of only three people. Me, rashi and deepak. Rest all will be handel by him. And i did as he said, when i reached home i told rashi that deepak will come to celebrate my birthday.
She was little amused but also happy. I think deepak had made some plan.

It was 6 in evening and our door bell rang. I opened the door and it was deepak.
” You are early, party is at 8 ” khushi entered hall and said.
” No worries, I will help u to make prepration but it should be surprise for saurabh. So look what I brought.” Deepak said and took out blind fold from his pocket.
” We will put this on saurabh so he won’t be able to see our prepration and will open after done. Ok. ” Deepak said and came towards me to tie it on my eyes.
I was able to see hesitation in rashi’s eyes but she did not refused and neither I. He tied blind fold on me but i was shocked because it was transparent but he told us thats its complete blind fold.
I was able to see everything, as deepak tied it on my eyes. Rashi bit on his shoulder and gave him naughty smile. Deepak walk and came behind rashi and now they both were facing me. First rashi and behind her deepak. Rashi was wearing yellow sari with pink blouse.
Deepak put his hand on shoulder and took out her sari. Now she was on pink peticote and pink blouse facing towards me. He kissed on her neck and rashi responded him by giving her lip kiss. He put his hand on her waist and unhook her peticote and within a second it got dropped. Rashi suudenly got shy and waved at me to check whether i m able to see but i responded as i m completly blind fold. She was in black panty and pink blouse. Deepak slide his panty down with hand till lap and then slide her more down with his leg. Then he put one finger in her pussy and she started moaning. Deepak took her panty and put in her mouth and then inserted second finger and increased his speed of fingering. Rashi was too excited and deepak keep his on hand on her mouth and again increased his speed of fingering. After continously fingering rashi cum on his hand and all her cum started sliding her lap to her toe. Deepak take out his hand from her mouth and took out panty from her mouth and asked her to go to bedroom. I was completely erect and deepak gave smile to me. As rashi left from hall to room, he came towards me and put his both finger with rashi’s cum in my mouth and asked me how was it? My heart beat increased and before i say anything he clean his fingers with my t shirt.
After half and hour rashi unfolded my eyes and told that ur surprise is ready. She was in blue sleveless transperent gown. I was clearly able to see that she did not wear bra panty and assumed that deepak has told her. She took me in room and room was completely filled with flowers and lighting and in middle there was cake with love u wriiten on it. Arrangments ensured me that though she had sex with other but her love for me is immense.
Deepak gave knife in my hand and asked mee to cut cake. I cut the cake and they both wished me. And suddenly deepak took knife from me and said now its turn for birthday bombs. I was not knowing whats in his mind but i responded yes.
” Whats that?” Rashi asked
” As saurabh as become 26 year old, you have to kiss him for 26 times and need to give birthday bomb.”
” No i cant do it here” rashi said
” If u are shy we will again blind fold saurabh but u have to give birthday bombs.” Deepak said and made me sat on chair and again blind folded me.
As soon as i was blind folded deepak came behind rashi and bend her towards me. He lift her gown from down till her stomach. And as i said she was pantyless. Her pussy was clean shaved. Deepak unzip his pant and put his dick in her pussy in doggy style. He grab his hair and made her to kiss me and with that kiss he stroked her hard.
Means we both were geeting birthday bombs. I was geeting from rashi as a kiss and she was geeting from deepak in her pussy.
After 20 stroke deepak came in her pussy but he completed his 26 stroke and rashi completed her 26 kises.
After 5 mins when Deepak unfolded my eyes , rashi was in bathroom and he huged me and wished , HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me.

Cuckold/Hotwife Fantasy Part 2

This story is in continuation with first part of “cuckold fantasy of wife”
Next day when I got up, I was having mixed feeling of anger and excitement. Rashi was still asleep so I got up and got ready for jogging. And guess what I saw deepak there. He used to be there always but I never talked but that day I choose to start conversation. Hey, how r u?
He was little shocked and feared but replied with a smile, yes I m good.
So how’s life? I asked
Nothing much, how can be a life of alone person? He replied
Why alone? I asked
I m divorced last year and living alone at present. He said
I got the reason why he is behind my wife and who would have initiated the relationship.
So, looking for another marriage? I asked
No, I don’t want tension in my life. He replied
Any girlfriend? I asked and he smiled.
I know he remember rashi. Yes have girl friend but she is married so just having fun nothing much. He replied. I got too excited as I know he was talking about rashi.
So what about his husband? I asked
He can’t satisfy him much and she is to hot to handle for him. So his husband satisfy his routine life and I satisfy his sex life.
I felt little angry as he was talking about me but again it excited me. And I want to explore it more. So I invited him for breakfast at home and he agreed. When we reached home rashi opened the door. She was completely shocked as seeing both of us together. I introduce deepak as friend and told her he lives in our building only. Rashi was in night sleeveless gown as he was not knowing about deepak coming to home. I asked Rashi to bring tea and I asked deepak to sit in hall. As rashi came with tea in hall, I intentionally went to kitchen so that they both get time and I can watch what they do. As rashi brought tea near deepak, deepak gave her a naughty smile. She was holding tray in her both hands and deepak took advantage of it. He got up and started pressing her boobs. Rashi got nervous and turned back and stared him with a big eyes. As rashi turned down to put tray on table he grab her head and started rubbing his mouth on his penis with his pants on. Rashi suddenly got up and bit on his shoulder and gave naughty smile to him. As they should dought I entered hall. Then we sat little and had breakfast. As deepak got up to leave he asked for washroom and showed him the way to bedroom’s bathroom intentionally. And asked Rashi to guide him. I sat in hall and was trying to see. After some time as deepak came outside I saw his underwear in his hand. Rashi was also shocked. He took it and put it in Rashi’s bra by force and I became alert as he started coming to hall. He said bye and left and I came in room, his underwear was on bed.
I called rashi and asked rashi, who’s underwear is this?
It’s urs she said and took in her hand. She lied
On bed? I asked
It’s for u to wear after bath. She said and I was shocked as he was giving me to wear. I took it in hand and said that I think it stinks. She took from my hand, smell it and said its fresh. And if u want it more fresh then let me kiss it. She kiss it and gave to me.

Cuckold/ Hotwife Fantasy Part 1

My sleep got disturb with this sound. I look around and my wife was there. I saw some light in hall. I thought she is gone to drink water. So I slept again. But as she didn’t come in room after some time so I got confused. I got up from my bed and followed to hall. As I went near I heard some one else noise. So I hide myself and slowly went to kitchen as hall is visible from there. And what I saw was shocking.
My wife was in jeans and bra and was sleeping with one man on sofa. That man was wearing only underwear. They were talking and playing with each other. As I tried to recognize face of man I came to know he was deepak a man living in flat just above our flat. He has second shift and returns home generally at 1am. I looked at clock it was 2. It means he directly come here from office. I was angry but I thought to watch little
After some time my wife got up from sofa and showed him the time. I think she was telling him that its late now. He gave smile to her and took out one parcel from his bag and kept on sofa. My wife looked at it and took it her bra and jeans. I was shocked as she was in only her panty. She opened that parcel and there was sleeveless t shirt and short. She wear t shirt and as she took short, deepak snatch it from her hand. She gave him naughty smile and took out her panty and then wear that short. Deepak took her bra and panty and kept in his bag.
Now again my wife showed him clock and tried to lift him from sofa with his hand. He got up bring her close and put his underwear little down. My wife got little down kiss his dick and put his underwear on and asked him that’s it. She went near sofa and gave him his cloth. He wear his cloth and took his bag to leave. As she waved her hand to say bye. He grab her hand and pushed her to wall. Took his both hand and took them up. Then he did 5 kisses. 2 on boobs, 2 on her armpit and 1 on her lips and then started leaving. As I saw him leaving I quickly cam in room and acted to be slept. She came in room in 5 mins. I woke up and acted as I just woke up. I asked her where was she?
She told was in kitchen to drink water and came to bed and slept beside me. I intentionally admire her t shirt.
That’s nice t shirt u look hot in sleeveless.
She smiled and kiss on my head and said
It’s the same we took on our honeymoon, u forgot?
No I remember it. I said lied. And kiss her lips. Her lips were still wet with deepak saliva.